VR Sex Education Will Hit The Classroom

Sex education is something that has been implemented into classrooms for decades. But in most cases, the material used to help teach students about it has been criticized. Most of the criticism derives from how boring, unengaging and arcane the content has been. After all, keeping a young person’s mind engaged for a long time is a daunting and almost impossible task. Yet all of that is about to change with virtual reality. Using virtual reality, students will learn far more than putting on a condom on a banana.

Virtual reality is already changing numerous industries. Medical students are learning how to do many things using the innovative technology. Flying schools, sports, architects and other sectors are also taking advantage of VR. One industry in particular has been at the center stage of virtual reality. The adult film industry has seen an astronomical increase in its VR porn categories. By offering visitors tons of free porn movies, people have been flocking to adult sites at record levels. Many of them are those who own virtual reality headsets. Today, there are hundreds of adult sites which have thousands of VR sex videos. Additionally, some are crediting the adult industry for making virtual reality so popular.

At the forefront of using VR to change sex education is one company most regular people may not know about. That’s because it’s an adult entertainment company. BaDoink VR released a VR sex video called Virtual Sexology. Many are calling it the first therapy and sex education video created with virtual reality as the driving force. The VR porn video is not suitable for teens since it centers around adult themed situations. But it shows how virtual reality can be used to teach anyone about sex.

In the BadoinkVR Virtual Sexology session, an adult pornstar teaches viewers all about sex. They cover how to have better sex via enhanced pleasure. It also goes over teaching couples the best way to deal with sexual disorders. One of the reasons people believe this method will work tremendously with students is because of how immersive it is. For one, virtual reality is completely engrossing. Images come alive right in front of a person’s eyes. They look almost real and as if the viewer can actually touch them. Secondly, the videos can be interactive which makes them extremely useful when it comes to teaching.

Additionally, they are shot using state-of-the-art cameras which render images in 3D, 360-degrees angles and POV perspectives. Still, the truth is that the entire learning via virtual reality is not something that’s new. The groundbreaking tool is already being put to use to treat patients of paranoia and schizophrenia. Other companies are using it to give people virtual reality tours. Instead of a person shopping online, they can go a step further using a pair of VR goggles. With them on, the user can feel as if he or she is inside a virtual showroom.

The fact is that virtual reality is still a new technology. This means it will only get better as more avenues are opened and discovered. If the popularity of virtual reality pornography is any indication, this is the future of sex. Not just for entertainment, but also teaching purposes.